Legal Advocacy That Protects Your Intellectual Property

William E. Noonan, Esquire, a registered patent lawyer, serves business clients and entrepreneurs throughout Southwest Florida, protecting intellectual property that includes:

  • Corporate branding
  • Slogans and taglines
  • Logos, designs and artistic works
  • Proprietary business knowledge
  • New products, processes or innovation
  • Trademarks, copyrights and patents
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More Than 25 Years Of Creative Approaches To Legal Problem-Solving

Your copyright may apply to songs, visual arts, literary works, performing arts and periodicals. Trademarks, on the other hand, cover symbols, designs and/or words that sellers use to show the origin of a product or service. Our law firm can help you protect your intellectual property from infringement or unauthorized use by registering your copyright with the United States Copyright Office, or your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

A patent protects inventions such as products, processes, chemical compositions and ornamental designs of manufactured articles. We advise you about licensing your invention and the steps you can take to prevent patent infringement. Experienced patent lawyer William E. Noonan can obtain strong patent protection for your invention.

As for propriety business information, many companies depend on secret processes and methods developed in-house. Revealing these informational strategies could have a negative impact on your success. For example, trade secrets, including formulas, business practices and confidential customer information are legally protected. We strive to preserve our business clients’ proprietary knowledge and protect their market advantage against unfair competition by drafting noncompete and nondisclosure agreements.

To discuss your intellectual property issues in a comfortable setting of candor and confidentiality, contact William Noonan, Esquire by calling his office in Fort Myers: 239-481-0900, or sending an email message. We promise to respond to it promptly.