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Copyrights protect artistic or expressive creations such as literary, graphic, sculptural, musical and dramatic works. An author who creates an original work is automatically granted a copyright when the creation is reduced to tangible form. This provides the author or subsequent owner of the copyright with the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, sell or publish the copyrighted work.

A copyright also provides the owner with the exclusive right to make changed versions or derivative works of the original copyrighted material. The copyright owner may sell or license rights under a copyright to other persons or companies.

A copyright is best protected by registering it with the United States Copyright Office. It is also advisable to apply the proper copyright notice ( Copyright or ©, year of first publication, owner’s name) to each copy of the work that is sold or publicly distributed.

The duration of a copyright is currently the life of author plus seventy years. When the work is created by an employee of a company within the scope of his or her employment, it is known as a “work for hire”. In such cases, the duration of the copyright is either ninety-five years from the first publication of the work or one hundred and twenty years from creation of the work, whichever is shorter.

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