Sexual Harassment For Plaintiffs and Defendants

Employees who become targets for sexual harassment in the workplace feel trapped — powerless to do or say anything in their own defense. This defeated feeling leads them to quit jobs, change careers, seek any remedy that will eliminate the mistreatment from their lives.

If you have suffered repeated instances of physical, verbal or visual sexual harassment at your place of employment — if you are a co-worker, supervisor or business owner facing complaints, allegations and serious charges of sexual harassment — our law firm acknowledges the importance of these unfortunate situations in the #MeToo and #TimesUp era.

We work for The Law Office of Geralyn F. Noonan in Ft. Myers, Florida.

For more than 25 years, accomplished lawyer Geralyn F. Noonan has successfully championed the causes of plaintiffs and defendants, employees and employers, and men and women alike, when workplace disputes over alleged sexual harassment arise.

This kind of abuse — ranging from unwelcome comments to requests for sexual favors, from physical contact such as groping to posting of offensive visuals, and outright sexual assault such as rape — has existed for many decades in all walks of employment life, not just show business and women’s athletics. It is clearly illegal. And it needs to stop.

Have your reports of sexual harassment been ignored or overlooked by a superior? Have you been wrongfully terminated for misconduct-level behaviors without the benefit of due process? Geralyn F. Noonan is opposed to injustice on the job, no matter what form it takes. She listens carefully to your accounts and aggressively applies relevant state and federal laws that protect your rights. Whether mediating, negotiating or litigating an outcome, she is totally, personally and professionally dedicated to your success.

Experienced Sexual Harassment Representation From A Former EEOC Investigator

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