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For Employers

Knowledgeable Fort Myers, Florida, Employment Defense Attorney

Representing Employers with Skill and Dedication

Whether you run a small business or large corporation, having the proper guidance regarding your rights and obligations under federal and state employment laws is crucial to the successful operation of your organization. The Law Office of Geralyn F. Noonan assists companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, prevent employment law violations from occurring in the first place and defends against allegations of discrimination. Contact our office at 239-694-7070 to arrange a consultation.

As a former local Equal Employment Opportunity investigator and acting director, attorney Geralyn Noonan is familiar with how the agency processes and handles employment discrimination claims. This insider's knowledge is invaluable in advising employers and defending against discrimination allegations.

Starting a New Business

Going into business is challenging in many ways, and complying with legal requirements can be a daunting task. You should know what your rights are, and what your employees' rights are, before you start hiring.

At The Law Office of Geralyn F. Noonan, we advise new businesses of their rights and obligations under state and federal law regarding all aspects of personnel, including hiring, discharge, compensation, benefits, pensions and other workplace policies. We also help our clients develop employment contracts and employee handbooks.

With so much at stake, take the right steps to ensure that your business practices are in compliance with the law, not only to reduce your exposure to lawsuits, but to ensure a smoothly-running enterprise.

Defense in Discrimination Lawsuits

Receiving a notice of an employment discrimination/sexual harassment lawsuit is unsettling news at best. We address employer defense against allegations of discrimination and work with you closely at every step, from explaining your rights and obligations, giving realistic assessments on possible outcomes and developing sound, considered strategies to defend your case. We will also guide you on the best and most lawful way to remedy any existing discrimination, including hostile work environments and sexual harassment.

Keeping You out of Court

Geralyn Noonan has an extensive litigation practice. Some claims demand litigation to protect your business. In other cases, when an employment case goes to court, the company can incur both expenses and damage to its reputation. At The Law Office of Geralyn F. Noonan, we believe good employer defense means exploring all options before taking a case to court. We will make every effort to settle your case through mediation and arbitration before we go to court. However, should litigation become necessary, you can be assured that we will be prepared to fight for your best interests at trial.

If you are an employer facing a charge of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, or require advice regarding your legal rights and obligations toward your employees, contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer about your case.